Monday, December 31, 2007


While in Boston a couple days ago, me and my comrade(along with some other friends) walked into an M-A-C make-up store, right. Along with having dark red glittery eyeshadow (EEKK!) put on one of my eyelids by L, she and I both applied some red lipstick on our lips. Surprisingly, we didn't look like clowns. Actually we didn't look half bad, if I do say so myself. And so I put it on today, to see if maybe, I don't know, it looks good enough to wear to a New Year's Eve Party tonight. It's my mum's but hey, it doesn't come off easily so I an kiss anyone at midnight. Like, that will ever happen. Ha.

Sorry for the crap photos. They didn't come out well with flash, because I was taking them in a mirror. I can only take pictures of myself in a mirror, otherwise I can't get the aim or the angle right and they look horrible. So, for now, I hope its alright that they are choppy mirror shots. Though, these photos don't show the real shade of the red. Ah, oh well.

This one I took on my mum's computer. Sorry for the whack facial expression. It's a habit of mine.
It's not that vibrant of a red, more darker really, but it looks much different than my normal lip color, which is quite paler. My sis thinks it looked alright, as did my mum. Maybe I'll give it a go tonight. But I really want to try a VERY VIBRANT red instead of dark. Maybe a little drive to the drug store is to be arranged, yes.

No, no this is not really lippy. Its a Marc Jacobs lipstick pen. Speaking of that brilliant man, me and my pallies, while in Boston stopped into the Marc Jacobs on Newbury Street and stared at the beautiful things. AND MADE SOME PURCHASES. Very small ones though. I bought a bag that said "Boston" and showed a picture of a cartoon rendering of the Boston Tea Party. I also got a cute cat keyring and an MJ key necklace. And me and L got Marc Jacobs bracelets for each other that say very loving phrases in LATIN (best language EVER) and gave them to each other as gifts. Awww.

We also noticed that Marc Jacobs sells condoms (at 1.50 each)! HA.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 27, 2007


I'm talking about Nike.
No, not that Nike, these Nikes!

These are so colorful and good for spring I would imagine. The top ones remind me of PlayDoh for some reason. Anyway these Nikes are probably my favorites:

They're just so cool looking. Although, I do wish I had a pair like Marty McFly in Back to the Future. He has pretty sweet kicks.

I found this pretty nifty site on another blog that is actually petitioning Nike to make his futuristic shoes from Back to the Future: Part II. Check it out:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

nifty gifties!

Kris Kringle brought me a loverly sequined skirt and a warmy warm hat. And I threw in a picture of my handmade tie skirt. Hope you like!


I like these a lot.

here i come times square.

So Christmas is over, which is always kind of a bummer, for me its because my family has to make the 8 hour drive from New York back to Exeter, New Hampshire. Not so fun. But my sister and I occupied ourselves by watching DVDs on the DVD player in our car. And I listened to my new IPOD CLASSIC. I figured out how to work it and everything.

Along with that iPod I got an iHome, clothes galore, Daisy by Marc Jacobs (smells incredible), and tons and tons of other things for Christmas. So I am very thankful for everything.

This year for New Year's Eve, like countless times before, I will be heading up to the glamourous New York City for the count-down and ball drop. Oh god, last year it was really cold. But I must admit that the Time's Square thing has not always been a tradition for my family, we started it when I was 6 and I was sitting in my house cmplaining that I wanted to see the ball not on the TV this year. So my parents called up a babysitter for my wee sister and we made the short drive to the City and waited among the hundreds of thousands of people waiting to kiss their loved ones. Its always funny to look at the people sporting around the ugly eyeglasses that are in the shape of next year's digits and the atrocious headgear that is sold on New Year's Eve Day. And because from 2000 to 2009 there are two zeroes present in the middle of the year's numbers, that makes a perfect place to put the eye holes for those wonderful glittery glasses. Oh boy, what WILL we do in 2010?

And I think that this year marks the 100th year that that wonderful Waterford crystal ball will be dropped. Oh boy oh boy. But this won't be as big as the 2 million people that were crowded in the city during the millenium. That was a living hell. We were like on, 59th street (where you can't even see anything.). Psh. Whateverrr.

I'm stoked. Oh yeah, in the picture from last year I circled the spot where I think I was standing. I know we were a little ahead of the McDonalds (gross.) and we had and incredible view. WOO.

New Year's Resolutions:

1. Be an all-around better person. That means, no talking about people while they are not present, no gossiping, no bithcy things. Period. This may be hard. Just remember to be nice.

2. Find out who I am style-wise. Develop a personal style is what I mean.

3. Diet. NO, NO. Not go on a diet. Improve mine. No I don't want to go back to eating meat after almost 3 years of this vegetarian thing. But both my mum and I are concerned with my eating habits. So, eat healthier.

Oh boy 2008, I hope you're as good to me as 2007 was. Maybe even better. Please be better actually.

Now me and my blog partner will wait for our fall term grades which are coming out soon. God, help us. And give me some alcohol (lollerskates). Well, at least our winter term schedules are coming out too. Hope they're good. Wish us luck!

lazy bones.

Woops, the holidays, namely Christmas, got me sidetracked and I nor my partner have posted in a while. So here's some inspiration I got from Tin Man and various Christmas gifts. Oh and some thoughts on New Year's Eve garb.
So, I was watching Tin Man Christmas Eve, much to the dismay of my present toting parents (or should I say Santa ), and I was hooked. It was miniseries marathon going until 11 o'clock and I was absolutely addicted. The idea is this girl, DG (Zooey Deschanel), is the great great granddaughter of the original Dorothy Gale from Wizard of Oz. I'm not sure how it begins but somehow she meets up with Glitch (Alan Cumming, the Scarecrow), Raw (Raoul Trujillo, the Lion) and Cain (Neal McDonough, the Tin Man). And basically her evil sister is trying to blot out the sun and all in all it's really cool so check it out!
So anyway, Zooey Deschanel is pretty, talented, and well dressed and here are some pictures documenting that.
Alan Cumming isn't too badly dressed either.

Right, so as far as holidays go New Year's is kind of odd because it has two parts, just like Christmas, but the Eve is more important in most cases than the actual day. Sure the first hour or so of the day might be the most exciting, but still it's the countdown that gets everybody in a frenzy. Anyway, love the traditions, watching the ball drop, fireworks, kissing at midnight, etc. I have to admit I haven't done any of those except fireworks a while back. BUT whether any of that is happening or not looking good is a must, right? I personally would love to wear one of these ultra cool top hats or scrap the whole 'waiting around in the frigid air for fireworks' thing and host a masquerade ball with a wicked mask.


Monday, December 17, 2007

silver bells.

I know my comrade has already posted something today but, I figured I'd be too busy tomorrow to post something, so I decided to post something today.
Here's what I wore out and about at Market Basket:
Comfy gray cropped sweater, STAR WARS tee shirt, dark jeans and some happenin' white socks. I stocked up on Annie's Mac & Cheese, Arthur shaped Mac & Cheese, white bread, and brownie mix. Not that you needed to know that, but whatever.
I also wore my Indiana Jones hat which looks something like this only more worn looking. And brown.

So then I "skiied" around the internet and found some cool hats on Urban Outfitters.

The top one is a simple fedora with a purty ribbon and the second one is a cocktail hat with feathers. I don't really know why I'd need a cocktail hat since the closest I've come to alcohol is sparkling cider. But, this just looks marvelous. I think it would be a good way to add panache to an outfit.
I found another adorable hat at fredflare.

Panda hat, sooooo cute.
Right, so my partner was complaining about her pirate boots not having enough traction, but I really want boots like hers because I cannot afford the nifty Moon Boots. Although I might try to save up for them. These are the boots I want and they are conveniently in my budget. and only $50! Hopefully the soles on them are better for snow and ice.

I cleaned out my drawers today and decided I needed lots more sweaters. Big comfy ones, and cute little cardigans, and I dunno warm stuff. And as we keep mentioning, BRIGHT tights, and jeans. And some good thick-ish skirts I can wear in the winter. Like neutral gray and black ones. You know, just in case I need to look extra nice. I made a pretty sick skirt out of ties and I've been meaning to alter a bunch of the things I have, taking up some hemlines, cutting up some turtlenecks, and I have some really nice vintage material in the shape of an unfortunate looking matronly dress. Hopefully I can work some magic before school starts and put some pictures up. That reminds me, I might be getting a dressmaker's mannequin which will be super helpful if I do get around to making stuff.
Um so now I'm going to go watch I Love Lucy.



My partner hasn't written anything yet today, so I am guessing that its my turn to rant.

Yes, that's right. Eight days left until Christmas. I've been pumping up the X-mas jams and compulsively watching holiday movies ("It's a Wonderful Life," "Charlie Brown Christmas," etc. except for last night, where I watched "The Terminal, oh Tom Hanks.). I'm so stoked. But the gift shopping is another issue. I've only gotten pressies for my mum. And now I need to get some for my daddy and my little sis. My dad wants some new ties and my sister probably wants something silly like a Hollister (ickk.) gift card, or some perfume. Goodness, she is only 13. I may just wait until I go back down to NYC. That has many more stores than the downtowns of New Hampshire villages. Ha.

Speaking of golden rings I actually was "skiing the web" (oh, I am so clever) and was on and found a cute little ring. A "forget me knot" ring. And I want it.

So today, when I walked outside to go shopping downtown I took one step outside, yes, ONE STEP and this is what happened:

1) I realized I had left my key to get back into my house INSIDE.
2) Snow from the roof fell ontop of me causing me to fall onto my feet.
3) When I did manage to stand up I walked down the front stairs and slipped on some ice.
So I sat there for a few seconds and considered just staying inside the rest of the day, but I stood up and walked on.
But this is what I was wearing today:

I was just wearing a maroon pea coat (J.Crew), a white scarf (H&M), some tan pants (J.Crew), and a Marc Jacobs sweater underneath (and a sequined wristlet). But those don't matter. It was the boots. My boots, I've had them since last year, are made of dark dark brown leather and are scrunched up, you know. My mum calls them my pirate boots, because they do sort of resemble footwear of a pirate because they are pointy-ish at the tip. But anyway, on the bottom of them, there is absolutely NO TRACTION. Like, legit, they are completely flat on the soles. Not good for ice. So walking downtown today was a complete mess, and I was leaning and falling and bumping into people this way and that. So I decided I need a new pair of boots. I have a pair of UGG-like Steve Madden boots, but UGGs aren't exactly the prettiest of shoes, they are more for comfort than anything. I was thinking more like these boots.

I know two girls on campus with them, one of which is in my dorm. And I asked the girl in my dorm if they were good boots and she was like "Yes. Very nice boots. And fun to jump in snow in. And fun to walk in!" Her name is Yooni and she is so incredibley adorable and she is from Korea. I'll take her word for it. I want the fuschia ones. They are so sick. And they certainly do not look like anything a pirate would wear.

I have been playing Yahtzee all day and I think I am addicted. The only reason I play is because I like to shout "YAHTZEE!" And I shout it at any given time. And my family gets rather annoyed at me. I just sit there and shout YAHTZEE! and then they all glare at me. But anyway.

I want a very colorful striped scarf. And I don't want to buy one, though I've got to say, the GAP has some rather okay ones right now. I want to knit one so I can pick my one colors and length and width and blah blah blah. I just knit a bunny rabbit and it is very cute. And I feel like an old woman.

You know what? Well, no, you don't know what unless you can read minds. But you know what? There are no thrift stores around here. Like absolutely none, I don't think. I rememer there was a consignment shop downtown, but I haven't really gone there yet. Me and my blogging partner were planning to go down during finals week but never got around to that. Hmm. That was just something I realized just now.

Oh well. I'm off to go babysitting. Auf Wiedersehen!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

4 calling birds.

So today I was super bored so I did some clicking around and came up with HelLooks ( It's this really rad street fashion project thing that is downright addicting to look through. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

She looks really warm and I love hats with ear flaps because my ears always get cold. Ones with pom poms on top are especially good. Plus her sneaks are what appear to be golden Converse. GOLDEN.

These two are just so colorful it makes me want to never wear neutrals again.

I think this is one stylish dude. Not to mention kinda cute. I really like it when guys wear nice simple jackets like this. Classic style is always appealing. His gray skinny jeans are something I still want and his little black cap is just the cutest darn thing.

These two kids are like 11 and 12. Their hair reminds me of Sonic the Hedgehog. They are way more aware of fashion than any American I've seen about the same age. I don't really know what to think of it.

This guy has a kind of dandy style. He's got the fedora, bow tie, what appears to be an argyle sweater, classic coat, and a thick scarf. The skinny jeans, pink bag, and white shoes make this look really unique. Personally, I think all guys should give the bow tie a try once in a while.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

3 french hens.

Alas, I keep finding myself obsessing over shoes. And I think I know why women love shoes. Shoes are the only articles of clothing whose sizes stay consistent no matter how large or small you grow. However, I've got to say, that finding shoes that fit my size 10 feet is quite difficult. Its quite embarrassing having a height of 5'4" with HUGE HANDS and HUGE FEET. Oh well, I'll live.

But anyways, shoes. My partner has posted an absolutely phenomenal pair of black and white heels that I wish I could wear, It would be so awesome if I could wear heels, but its too difficult. While my balance is rather okay, I find flats marvelous enough.

In one of the latest Teen Vogue issues, which had on the cover the beautiful, intelligent (Harvard grad) Natalie Portman, they featured a very very colourful spread with some really nice clothes. But the blue sandals on the girl standing below really caught my eye.

Okay, so they are Bottega Veneta sandals and they only cost a mere $910. Mama...may I ask a favour?

Another pair found in the Teen Vogue December/January issue was a yellow pair of Sam Edelman patent leather oxfords, looking much like the ones found on, Fairytales are True Jazz Ballet Flats (in red, of course). Which, unfortunately are only available in a size 6.

Ohh, thanks to TConks for showing me and my partner this site (, which apparently is a store in San Fransisco which bought Adidas merchandise in like, the '70's/'80's and they are now selling the shoes now to make money. Siiiick. And TConks showed us this one pair of shoes that cost $1,000,000, no joke. If you click "add to cart" it literally adds one million dollars to your credit card.

They have dollars bills on them. So cool, but those aren't my faves. I'm digging these kicks.

Other shoes I love:

Jimmy Choo heels;
for about 520 dollars.

These plain old cool gladiators


p.s. here's some eye candy

some other stuff I found while surfing the 'net

Right so for Christmas I want a TON of t-shirts. There are some clever shirts from mental_floss that I adore and I looked up some on Threadless and Busted Tees that I liked too.

These are all from The first one is a reference to the Beets from Doug that used to be on Nickolodeon along with all the other great cartoons of the 90's. (Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Angry Beavers, Ahh! Real Monsters, the Wild Thornberries, etc.) The next one is Tetris obviously and since I've recently become obsessed with Free Tetris it was perfect because this type of thing happens all the time and I make loud noises and then people stare... Then the last one is the second amendment: the right to bear arms. BEAR arms. Get it? lollerskates.

These are both from and I absolutely love them. I subscribe to the magazine as well and anyone who likes random facts and feeling smart will love it too. So check out the website and learn something cool.

These ones are all from The first one is just darling. Foxes are so cute. I saw a sweater that had a similar idea in Teen Vogue or something but it was like $3,000 so that was ridiculous, but I think this tee is under $20! The next shirt is a Cerberus puppy. It is pretty adorable and I love the 666 dog tag detail. The next shirt was kind of random but it's called Robin Redbreast and I like it alot. The last shirt is labeled "Communist Party" and it has got all sorts of Communist leaders on it just having a ball. Hilariousness and cuteness are abundant at Threadless and all I do is rack up a giant wish list. Hooray for Holiday Sales!