Thursday, July 31, 2008


(this is what shows up if you google "milquetoast")

I'm afraid I may be a milquetoast (thank you Free Rice for keeping the SAT prep at bay!). It is unfortunate that a lame thing like a milquetoast is named with such a neat sounding word.
I'm on a different computer and I'm super bored so I'm gonna go ahead and throw a post in with my thrifting outfits.

These are all by 6267. Never heard of them. Numbers are cool so I checked it out. The checkers and criss-crosses will definitely be on my back-to-school list. I'll also throw in some velvets, drop-waist+poofy skirt dresses, high-collar coats, art deco prints and bow/frills around the top.

(P.S. The first model looks vaguely like Lauren from ANTM.)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So. I've been working at my school library most of July and every time I go shelf reading I pick up like five new books, movies, or CDs. I already told you about the interesting fashion books (history of stripes and the disappearance of hats) so I've got a few more awesome books that I highly recommend.
(this is my school's library. pretty neat, huh?)
First off, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. It is written in the style of letters and is just the most adorable thing. This kid in the 90's is quiet and reads a lot and has some psychological troubles but it's absolutely genius.
Second, I've been reading Sense and Sensibility on and off and I really can't connect to the characters as well as I did to the characters of Pride and Prejudice. But I've still got high hopes for Emma so I shan't give up on Jane Austen.
Last, I just finished Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore. It's narrated by Biff who tells all about Jesus' (or Joshua as Biff calls him) life before he turned thirty. Apparently, Joshua and Biff travelled all over the world to study with the three Magi and Joshua and Biff learn Kung Fu, Jew-do, how to multiply food and drink, and a bunch of other hilarious stuff. I highly recommend it.

So on a less funny note (or maybe more funny depending on how you think I look in this outfit) I have wandered into the land of big belted things. I originally bought this shirt as part of a costume for Frenchie from Grease. I figured, ah, what the hell, it's $3.00, I'll probably never wear it again. Then I belted it under the rib cage and decided it didn't look so bad.

Apple bag from Delia's. Have yet to actually use it since I'm fond of my canvas MJ tote bag but I'll get around to it.
Shoes from Urban Outfitters that were my exasperated purchase in lieu of real espadrilles. I haven't found the perfect pair yet although a pair from Wal-Mart looks promising...

Last thought, The Talented Mr. Ripley is the creepiest thing EVER. I thought it might have at least a little comedy in it but it is full-on creepitude. I mean the acting is good and all and Jude Law and Jack Davenport (the commander officer guy from POTC) is wicked  cute. But this guy is seriously messed up.

Monday, July 28, 2008

isn't she...

Pretty in Pink?
Loved Duckie so much.
Okay so maybe pink isn't my favorite color but how could I refuse an oversized cardigan?

I'm practicing looking both ways before crossing the street.
Biting my stupid chipped nails.
Sweet duck tape clutch/wristlet thing made by friend.
Nifty pins: two poodles, one cameo, and one FRIENDS OF EXETER ROWING.
Darling charm bracelet (ballerina, telephone, watering can, key, heart with arrow through it, ballet slipper, cagey heart with bead inside, tennis racket, good luck heart with horseshoe, palm tree and normal heart) I found in the linen closet. I kid you not. So go raid some cupboards!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Happy Sunday, all. And to celebrate this wonderful, gray, rainy, wet, day I've decided its time for another C's Love/Loathe List.

Love: Ruffles. I saw them on another blog, whose name I am blanking, sorry and realized, ah yes, I adore ruffles as well.

Christian Siriano from Project Runway liked ruffles too.

Feathers. Love them. Some nice plumage in the hair never hurt anyone. Actually seeing some photos of people with feathers in their hair makes me want to go outside and rip some off a bird flying by. Vicious, I know.

Upon telling my mother about my love for feathers in the hair she responded with,"it's probably your Native American side coming out." She's right, I think.

Blazers. And I must find a way to get them into my closet for fall. Must, must, must have at least two, maybe three I'm thinking.

The summer scarf. Beautiful. The celebs are doing it, I've done it occasionally. My partner in crime is doing it. Here are some scarves from Anthropologie and Hermes.

Friendship Bracelets (I apologize for 1. the veiny masculine hands and 2. for such blurry/shitty pictures, I'm back in NH for a couple days but I left my camera at my summer home in NY, so you'll have to deal with camera phone pictures, sorry) They let you know you actually have friends. You can look down at your wrists while you're moping around and say to yourself, oh yes! I DO HAVE FRIENDS. Plus they're purty.

My left hand is cluttered (a little too much so) with bracelets made by a friend in NH, my little sister, and some friends in NY. And my right hand bears bracelets made from my sister and best friend in NY. I don't know which is my favorite.

Love: Wesley from Project Runway. I loved Wesley and I hold a little part for him in my heart even though it was the second episode. He was adorable and I had the same Marc Jacobs bag as him (he used to work there). I mean, his first dress was delightful but this one from this challenge was not so much, but I mean, HEY, HE DIDN'T PICK OUT THE FABRIC. But I guess that's no excuse. Oh, Wesley.

Love: Guillemots. An English rock band that started in 2004 and have been nominated for a couple awards. I'm totally in love with them. The members are Fyfe Dangerfield, MC Lord Magrao, Aristazabal Hawkes, and Greig Stewart. The sweetest names I've ever heard. In love with their songs "Trains to Brazil" and "Made Up Love Song #43." They are amazing and have a lot of meaning. Ch-ch-ch-check check 'em out. W-w-w-what they're all about.

Shit, this always happens. I don't loathe much now. Even though the weather has been dreadful, I feel fantastic. Oh, I do have one thing I loathe.

Loathe: All the fuss about Manny Ramirez. He's not my favorite player on the Red Sox (Lowell, 25) but I LOVE MANNY. I know he told ESPN he wanted to be traded and to what team, he didn't care.

I DO, however believe he IS injured. I know he does this a lot, but I actually think he is injured this time. Although they X-rayed him for injuries, some things don't show up there. I mean, like, pain doesn't.

I love you, Manny and if you do trade, I hope you end up one of my two next favorite teams. The Bluejays or the Mets. And not in the dreaded hands of those...Yankees.