Sunday, March 15, 2009

101. Just as cool.

Okay! Here are the Oscars pictures as promised. (click on pictures to see larger)
 Natalie Portman looks perfect in her pink dress. Vanessa Hudgens on the other hand compared herself to Audrey Hepburn. That is a no-no. And her dress is just pretending to be the mermaid/fishtail style. It's too wide. The only thing I liked about her outfit were her earrings.

 Taraji P. Henson looks gorgeous in a white ruffled/layered gown. And her statement necklace is beautiful. Heidi Klum has a good idea with the origami type dress, and red is a good color for her. But the folds of this dress just don't fall in the right place. I think it's too sharp/angular. Her earrings on the other hand are pretty neat. They're huge conglomerations of diamonds and pink stones.

 Sarah Jessica Parker has a "barely mint" dress with a full skirt and detailed bodice with belt. I don't like the boob position of this dress. It looks rather uncomfortable. The same goes for Penelope Cruz. The dress is a very nice white vintage dress with lace climbing up and down the skirt, but the boobs are squished. However, she does remind me of a very nice, fluffy swan.

 WHY oh why does Miley Cyrus get to be at the Oscars? I do in fact like her dress. It's layered like petals with crystal and sequin outlines. Very cute. And I didn't even know Marion Cotillard was at the Oscars, but she looks lovely as usual in a dark blue gown with full skirt.

 I loved Marissa Tomei's pleated dress. It's a great pale color and the millions of folds accentuate her curves. Diane Lane looks great for her age. She is so pretty. And she's wearing a classy black dress. She can't go wrong.

 Jessica Beal opted for an unusual column dress that was a nice surprise amid the full skirts and fishtails. The big fold/bow on the front is neat-o and she looks rather regal. I have a two part spiel about Freida Pinto. I loved her dress, the bright blue is a great color and the lacy detail is awesome, but I've never been a fan of the "one-sleeve." Especially lacy ones. It's just weird. But, I will forgive her because...SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE IS AWESOME. If you haven't seen it, you definitely should.

 Anyways, here's Freida again and Dev Patel. Rumors have been circulating about an off-screen romance and I am totally in favor of that because they are both so cute! Sadly, they have both denied this. On to other fashion, Evan Rachel Wood from the Wrestler is quite possibly the classiest chick at the Oscars. At first I thought the ivory dress was way too white for her skin, but I've grown to like it. Her ginger locks are up in a structurally perfect wave and her perfect posture helps to carry off the subtle pleating and pale color.

 Brangelina. Black dress. BRIGHT EMERALD JEWLERY. 'Nuff said. Beyonce looks fabulous in a black and gold fishtail/mermaid type gown. Her hair is nicely pulled back to she can flaunt the gold floral pattern. I think the black and gold combo worked better for Beyonce than Halle Berry. I love Halle, but her dress was just not as good as it could be.

 Woohoo! Anne Hathaway showed up in a white dress which at first appears just shiny. Upon closer Fashion Police inspection with Jay Manuel, I discovered that it is actually covered in paillettes. These are "spangles used to ornament a dress or costume." Or "a small shiny object." Basically, millions of little shiny discs adorned Anne's dress in addition to crystals and stuff. It was so rad and heavy, she had to change into something more comfortable for her song and dance number with Hugh Jackman. Amy Adams, nominated for her super serious role in Doubt, wore a brilliant red dress with black corset-y details. What really made me like her outfit was her bib necklace that was made of tons of semi-precious stones and stuff. Very chic.

So that is the Oscars as I saw it fashion-wise. Perhaps I will feel motivated enough to have  history of the academy awards or something.

Later skater,

Friday, March 13, 2009


Ladies and gentleman, our one hundredth post!
After a super long hiatus, my partner and I are finally done with school! For two weeks. So I look forward to writing some really good posts.
First off, I gotta talk about the Oscars even though they're old news. Hugh Jackman was awesome. He's funny and good-looking and his opening number was so cool. The musical montage in the middle was also neat-o.

However, Blogger is being a pain so I'm putting the dresses and pretty things in another post.
Stay tuned!