Monday, April 28, 2008

omg shoes

So, L and I are taking a class at our school called "Religion in Pop Culture," right? Sounds cool, eh? Well, in this class basically all we've learned so far is that the following are considered Jesus:
-Oprah (who basically owns her own time zone)
-Miley Cyrus (who has been featured in Vogue, naked, wrapped in satin sheets. Go Disney.)
-a sandwich (wtf)
-baseball (wtf)
-and E.T. (lolzz)

I found these shoes online on Slipoff. Love them.

Batman, I mean seriously, who doesn't love the guy.
And these bad boys below. Star Wars. Yesss. And actually, in this religion course which I mentioned above, we have to perform a 25 minute presentation about any topic relating to religion and popular culture. And L is choosing to do hers on Star Wars and you would be surprised how much religion is jam packed in those six movies. And I'm doing my report on the Peanuts. Also jam packed with religion. YES!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

simpler times.

Looking through my old photos and found this gem.
I thought I was such a badass with that guitar. It think I was even holding it backwards.
On a super random note, I was watching old ANTM re-runs and came across the episode in cycle 6 ( ? the one with Kim and Nic and Nicole and Lisa) and the were doing a pin-up inspired photo shoot. The all looked kind of silly, but Kim mentioned Vargas girls and that reminded me how much I kind of liked the pin-up look. It just brought to my mind classic women and romanticized WWII life. So  clicked around Google and came up with some prime examples.

Then I came across a blog that totally favored this guy George Petty instead of Vargas. From what I saw, all Petty's women had no necks, almost always had a phone with them, and almost all of them wore ballet pointe shoes.

P.S. Check out the sweet shoes C and I got from Urban Outfitters.
Don't tell Spartacus and Helen of Troy we have their sandals.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

spring is in the air

It reached almost 60 degrees today. Yep. Sixty degrees. I was so stoked. After school to celebrate the warm weather I dressed in spring clothes. But then, when I walked outside (at 5:30) the temperature had dropped to about 30, I think. Oh joy.

Mmm, just recently I went on an online shopping spree. Actually it wasn't that much of a spree but I bought things!
The first thing that I bought was just a plain black dress from Old Navy. I am going to be in a senior's photo shoot for his final project for his photo class. I need a black dress for it.

And then, oh how I love shoes. I bought a pair of gladiators that I have been eyeing for ages on Urban Outfitters. And they were having a shoe sale where there was free shipping and handling on ALL shoes, but I didn't know how to type in the code they gave me. So I just sat there and I was like, OH WELL.

These next shoes are actually for my sister. I hate most of her "wittle fwiends" she hangs out with from her middle school mainly because all they do is squeal about boys and wear Abercrombie and Hollister like its nobody's business. I mean, I can deal with the boys part, but not their fashion. However, she does have one really chill, quite normal friend who dresses very nicely. My sister and her wanted to get the same shoes as each other, so I bought the shoes for them online. They're a pair of sick bright pink Nikes. They actually look good on her. If I tried to wear these sneakers on my size 10 1/2 feet, I would most definitely look like a clown.

I actually want this dress/ shirt thing because its cheap (thank you, Old Navy, a store which I usually despise) and it has really cool embroidery.

And I like this skirt/ sandal combination from Urban Outfitters.

Sick shades.

And this gorgeous photo shoot on foto decadent. It makes me want summer so bad.

That's all for now!