Sunday, August 31, 2008


My little sister and I made finger puppets today. Here are mine.

Barack Obama, an elephant, and a rabbit.

Cheers, C

the general.

Hello World! As C said we've been woefully lacking in posts but we appreciate your comments on the posts that have been up forever. Since my last post about a bajillion (SAT vocab) things have happened. I went to Cape Cod as I mentioned and picked up amazing things from their thrift shops that I can't wait to show you, I learned the joys of foam curlers, traveled to fair Boston and picked up several nifty items, yanked the rug out of my room and cleaned every inch of my living space, made a radical feather headband, studied PSAT vocabulary, threw a 16.3 birthday party for myself and two friends, and finally opened an eBay account. Whew! Anyway I was very busy and not just lollygagging around avoiding blogging. I've got a lot to say before school starts and blogging takes a backseat so get ready for a whirlwind of photos and opinions!

For now I will leave you with pictures of the amazing Boston and a very cool hat from a Chatham thrift store.

 This post was named after a very good silent movie with Buster Keaton. He is an engineer you see and his train is called "The General." His love interest has gorgeous, messy silent movie curls so I trussed my hair up in a bunch of curlers and after a fitful night came up with this!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

recent buys

So sorry about the lack of posts. Been so busy trying to get things done before the school year starts. But, L and I both managed to hop on a train down to Boston for some shopping. Here's what I picked up.

A hella' sweet Pegasus shirt from Urban Outfitters.

A really really soft oversized gray sweater and a "Prose before hoes" T-shirt at Goodwill.

A pair of gold, alligator skin (fake, duh) Steve Madden flats (ignore the size 10 feet, annoyingly high arches, and veiny feet/legs...what can'yah do?)

A black cocktail ring from H&M
A purple scarf from H&M
An oversized purple sweater from H&M
An oversized yellow cardigan and a gray cable knit sweater FROM THE MOST FABULOUS PLACE ON EARTH...*

*If you live or are visiting the Boston area, head on over across Long Fellow Bridge to Cambridge and stop in THE GARMENT DISTRICT. A two-story consignment/thrift/costume shop (L has pictures that she may post later) which features the most beautiful thing a thrifter can see. The $1 a pound mound. There is a mound of clothing that literally has EVERYTHING in it and it sits on the ground and you take off you shoes and jump around it and bury yourself and eventually you'll find some things to throw into the trash bags provided. They weigh it and for every pound you pay a dollar. Simple. It was awesome, however, we had to leave early because we had a train to catch

Here's an outfit post.

Believe it or not, I am actually one of those people who loves winter and cold weather. So this outfit is a dedication/please-come-soon-fall-and-bring-chilly-winds.

That's the scarf I got at H&M. And I am pretty stoked about the new collection about to be released. I probably should've saved up for it, but I don't look ahead. I love for today. As L aggressively says, "live fast and die young!" Coming from the girl who works in a library over the summer and plays Tetris online. No, jkjk, bud.

P.S. I am thinking about layering scarves this fall. You like? I have a gold and white sparkly one over the one seen in the outfit post.

Cheers, C

P.P.S. L and I have a radio show on our school's radio station and I was wondering what are some of your favorite songs? (that don't have swears in them. they can talk about drugs though) Got any recommendations?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

the boys are back in town

Its me, C, and I'm finally permanently back in Exeter after a fantastic summer at my old house in New York. Here are some pictures I took, which probably look like boring old pictures, but to me, they have a lot of meaning.

The last picture is actually of an old chicken coop up in our woods which we put our satellite dish on top of. Me and my sister, when we were little, were given the assignment to paint the inside of it, but instead we just splattered paint everywhere and wrote our names and put our handprints on the wall.

While I was in New York I went to a pick-your-own berry farm that my family always goes to. We picked our berries and when yo go into the barn to pay there is a beautiful store with organic cheeses and milk and old-fashioned toys. But the best part is the upstairs. In this musty old attic, there are dried flowers hanging EVRYWHERE. And its just gorgeous. But anyway I bought this really cool floral bag which is made out of like the material you make potato sacks out of. But I love it.


P.S. I can't tell whether I like the Marc Jacobs ads with the guy or hate them. I mean, I love love love Juergen Teller's work, but I'm not sure if I like the ad itself and I think its something to do with the model. I know androgyny is in, but I just hope that's not what I would look like in that dress.

Monday, August 18, 2008

fall wish lisst

College visits. I'm on college visits. I'm only about to be a junior but my mom insists we start now. Eh, Why not? I've visited NYU, Columbia, Ithaca, Syracuse, Hamilton, Hobart, Cornell, and Colgate. Colgate has been my absolute favorite and I totally, definitely, MUST go there. Their campus is b-e-a-utiful (even though its in the rural upstate New York, but, hey, I'm used to it). And they have a Division I track team which I am so stoked about. But that's why I've been so occupied and, like always, L has been writing all the posts.

Here's my fall list so far.

1. A trenchcoat. I dig 'em. And I know some of my friends, including L, I think were lusting after trenchcoats too. They're perfect for fall temperature and I'm hoping to get one before the cold weather swoops down on New England.
2. I would love to have a satchel-y bag. I think I saw one in the Urban Outfitters in New York City. But I would really like a vintage Dooney and Bourke one. The one above I found on eBay and its totally wicked.
3. Plaid shirts. Maybe its my inner lumberjack. I think it is. But, I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay. I sleep all night and I work all day.
4. Some hella' sweet cords. I got some vibrant green ones from J. Crew but I totally want some yellow ones from J. Crew too. I also have some gray ones from last year, also from J. Crew. I love corduroys.
5. cardigans cardigan cardigans. I have like 3 white ones from J. Crew and a long gray one from H.M. but cardigans are just so hip, and perfect for fall. Gotta' stay warm, eh?
6. Some sweet boots. Like those ones from Urban Outfitters. Boots are so in for fall and you gotta' love 'em. I have a dark brown pair of "pirate boots" (as my mother affectionately calls them) like the ones in the picture above. I really want a deep purple pair. I mean, what's not to love about boots. Except the fact that they are made out of animal skin. Ick.
7. A pair of yellow suede flats. J. Crew (god, that's all I've been talking about lately) used to have a great pair but they sold out, even in my size 10 feet. Crazy shiiiit.

So, it looks like the colour for me this fall is yellow. And its weird. I was watching the Olympics and I looked at Usain "Lightening" Bolt's Jamaican track uniform and I was like, dang, yellow, tha's a good color. That's how it started for me, so whack. But, yellow, dig it?


P.S. GO TEAM U.S.A.! (except I'm also routing for Croatia and Ireland due to my family members putting so much pressure on me.) So, IĆI HRVATSKI! And ERIN GO BRAGH!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love the smell of napalm in the morning

So. Since my summer job ended I've kept my money stashed away in the bank but I want to break it out and make some purchases. High on my list are Minnetonka boots, a really nice bag, and perfume. I've had my eye on I Love Love by Moschino but since I fell in love with that, Vera Wang came out with Princess and Marc Jacobs made Daisy. The trouble is I don't know which one to choose! A lot of my friends already have Princess and Daisy so getting I Love Love would be original, but Daisy and princess both smell really good. 

Any suggestions on which way I should go? Or more fragrances to consider?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My mom, sister, and I visited an art museum in Portland, Maine today and on the way home I saw some really pretty clouds. They were mostly gray with big swathes of indigo opening up into gold tinged clouds. That is what I like to refer to as the "Messiah Formation." Mostly because the sun shines down in such a way that it's hard to believe those rays of light aren't pointing the way to something holy.
I also saw a cute little candy shop next door to a fancy pants condom store. So nice.

Gunmetal Booties -
Gunmetal City Tote -
Gunmetal Trenchcoat -
Gray Gloves -
Off -the-Shoulder Dress -
Lurex Scarf -
Cloud Print Dress -
Blue Cotton Sundress -
Blue Faded Dress -
Strappy Blue Bubble Dress -
Silk Dress w/ Billowu Sleeves -
Gray Sandals -
Remaining Blue Dress -
Yellow Flower Dress -

I have also heard and seen plaid all over the place for fall. So what could be the perfect accessory for the city lumberjack? A log!

(Paul Frank via Fred Flare)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I got soul but I'm not a soldier

Sorry for the lack of blogging, I've got so caught up in the Olympics. Michael Phelps is insane and the Korean archers had pink bows and winnie the pooh/hello kitty arm braces. Oh and Crew was fantastic.
So my good friend over at Hautest Style tagged me for a little survey thing and I am going to just yammer about some other stuff after that.

-Copy the rules
-Write 14 "small things" that make me happy
-Select 6 blogs so that they continue the survey

14 Little Things

1. the Olympics (I never usually watch sports, but something about the Olympics just compels me to watch everything)
2. reading Russian (there is a tiny satisfaction in being able to read something in another language, half of which employs letters that look like letters or other English letters)
3. bagels from my school's dining hall (I don't know what they are but a toasted wheat bagel at school is better than any other)
4. watching Indiana Jones (the theme is awesome and it's action-y and it's in the perfect time period and Harrison Ford is swell)
5. going on a music buying spree on iTunes 
6. watching the Office
7. finishing a book
8. finishing homework a day ahead
9. biking/running with my dog
10. making To-Do lists
11. singing and dancing along with musicals
12. looking at pretty buildings
13. laughing so hard that I cry/can't breathe (and then sharing that emotion with someone else)
14. finding treasures in the attic

I tag anyone who feels like sharing!

I love this picture by the way. 

Okay. Let's get down to business. (To defeat the Huns)
On the 16th I'm leaving for Cape Cod and I don't know if I'll be posting so I will try to post every day before then.

So I have this preppy/casual fantasy of Cape Cod and that will only pan out if the weather is nice. I will now present a Polyvore collage highlighting the aspects I envision.

Something like that. (Fingers crossed

Also, on the subject of the Olympics (and the inspiration of Ralph Lauren) some of the nations were dressed pretty spiffy (U.S. included) and others played it more casual that I would have liked.

Japan kind of looked like airline stewards/stewardesses, but still sharp.
Spain looks a bit like ketchup and mustard but their hats totally make up for it.
Great Britain looks clean cut in sliver blazers and navy pants.

Hungary's crazy floral print dresses looked ready for a tea party. The newsboy caps on America was too much. Overall France was my favorite. And one country wore baggy denim shorts and like orange shirts but I can't remember who it was but I do remember thinking too casual.

And now what Project Runway thought America should wear:

The first one is too scary and tight fitting. The second one is too shiny/not flatterin genough for everyone. The third one is very cute, but doesn't appear to have that much to do with USA.

The first one here is just too much stuff. The hat and the scarf and the leggings, if removed, would maybe make the outfit better. The second one has way to short a skirt and the third one is decent but something about it isn't Olympic.

The first one here is really 80's to me and also wouldn't flatter most. The second one is just not American at all. And the third one I like the best so far. It's simple and clean cut and has a flattering cut for athletic bodies.

I also like this first one because, again, it's simple and representative. The second is one is way too tight and scary Olympic dominatrix. The last one is also cute and it would be fine by me if it represented the US.


Favorite:s the third outfit in the third row and the first one in the fourth row.

Last thing. Olympic cuties!

[David Boudia: diver, Michael Phelps: swimmer]