Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunday sunday sunday

Hello again. L here and I regret to say I can't manage anything more than a lame outfit post. I took some advice from a fellow blogger I read about on Fashion Robot and have decided to take daily outfit posts so I can know when I look like a doofus and when I actually look put together. I had some hit and misses this week but overall I think it's a great idea.

Shorts - Delia's
Converse - Delia's
Zebra Shirt - Delia's
Gray Cardi - H&M
Rating: Miss
Boots - Urban Outfitters
Jeans - Strawberry's
Tank - Delia's
Cardi - H&M
Rating: ?
Dress - J. Crew
Tee - Urban Outfitters
Tights - TJ Maxx
Heels - WalMart
Belt - iParty
Rating: Hit (except I suck at walking in heels and the day was a little bit tipsy)
Pants - H&M
Tank - Delia's
Cardi - H&M
Rating: ?

Gosh I wore that cardigan so many times. I hope no one noticed.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

sincerest apologies.

So sorry guys. Upper year is going to be wild and one week in I'm already having second thoughts about my class choices. But I'm going to be positive and go forward. I joined a bunch of clubs including swing dance and quiz club and I'm looking forward to both of those. I also joined Haute which is our school's fashion mag. Our friend Arielle from Hautest Style is one of the people in charge, so hopefully I'll get a good position in that.
On a fashion note I got a pretty dress from H&M and Minnetonka boots from UO.

I tried my hardy hardest to take a jumping photo and got like one good one.

This is a pretty sweet dress and segues me into my next topic: movies. We all know and love the new Batman movies, but I recently watched Superman Returns and adored Brandon Routh. Kevin Spacey makes an excellent villain and the final battle sequence was awesome. Not a bunch of a explosions and mechanics but a knockdown, dragout battle of wits and might.

I also recently became infatuated with Casey Affleck and Christian Bale. Casey Affleck is the cutest thing in Drowning Mona, a movie about the drowning of a really mean local lady. Casey plays the fiancee of the police chief"s (Danny DeVito) daughter. He is one of the suspected murderers and acts alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Will Ferrel. Great cast and great movie!

The other movie I watched was "Newsies." Christian Bale is like sixteen and is singing and dancing in this Disney movie about newspaper sellers or "newsies" in the late 1800's. Bale is the lead character Jack "Cowboy" Kelly. He is the best newsie around and wants to move to Santa Fe. He is a street smart orphan who teaches the kid from Big how to be a newsie. Hilarity and many great songs ensue. It is just neat to see the bad ass Batman actor hopping around and singing about being a cowboy.

Sigh. I love movies.


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


L here, I've got a bunch of lovely pictures to show you. Hope you like what I picked out!

Red Skinnies - H&M, Eagle Tee - H&M
Finally I have colored skinny pants! Originally I had wanted blue but #1 they didn't have my size and #2 red actually didn't look as silly as I had expected. And who could not want a patriotic eagle hurtling out of their chest?
Gray Turtleneck - H&M, Jeans - H&M
I had purposely bought the turtleneck so I could back later and get their sweet little jumper but the jumper can wait. Right now I'll probably just use it to layer under my summer dresses. A tried and true tactic for adding to your fall wardrobe. And the jeans are looser than I usually buy, not quite wide leg but I do know that they are very comfy.
Cougar Tee - Urban Outfitters
C and I both got these crazy shirts at the Boston UO. (Hers is the pegasus) I don't know exactly if this is supposed to be anything more than a trippy mountain lion in the center of a pentagram and the galaxy but it is just very interesting to look at.

Shirt - GAP
The story here is I got this shirt a ree-eally long time ago at Goodwill and it was sort of blah. Then I sewed button around the collar after seeing a similar albeit better executed version on The Clothes Horse. I added the heart button on the sleeve so i could be all clever and Blair-ish. (Gossip Girl is back! I'm so excited.) Now I just need someone cute to ask me about it. (Perhaps Casey Affleck or Clark Kent?)

One can dream.

The sailor sweater thing was 25 cents at a church thrift shop in either Dennis or Chatham. I'm not quite sure how to wear this yet but I'm sure the opportunity will present itself. The sweater on the right is a lovely cashmere cardi that I got for $10 at a church shop in Chatham.
The shirt on the left is a nifty striped button down from J. Crew via Goodwill and the cardi is from the amazing Dollar-A-Pound pile in Boston. I also found a white button down and a GAP corduroy skirt and a kind of ugly dress that I plan to make into a less ugly skirt. Fingers crossed.
I picked up some new sunnies at the Cape. Taking a break from the Wayfarer fixation. The bible for everyone but under seventeen, Seventeen, once told me that aviators would fit my face best. I can tell you I look horrid in aviators but this weird aviator/bug eye fusion seems to work. I also got a school necktie thing that I cannot wait to wear about. 

Last but not least I made a feather headband!

Dasvidanya, (I'll try to sign my posts so that you'll always know who's who)

P.S. You should definitely check out the Catorialist. I think you can guess what it's a spoof on. Not quite on par with LOL cats but definitely good for the seriously catty and those looking for a chuckle.