Wednesday, March 19, 2008

printmaking is the shiz.

Winter term I took a printmaking class to fulfill my art requirement and it was the best thing since sliced bread. We did all sorts of prints like linoleum blocks and such but silkscreen was the best. (Hello Andy Warhol) What I did wasn't nearly as cool as that but the technology behind it is really fascinating. Anyway, I managed to make some neat-o tee shirts: two versions of Fred Astaire and Indiana Jones. The first tee in the blue is kind of creepy because I messed up and like printed it twice or something. He looks like he has fangs.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

pieces of flare.

Fred Flare can do no wrong. Whether it's turning a pig into a vacuum or making me ardently wish for glasses, they just sell the coolest stuff. The keychain on the left is a talking 16 candles keychain. What possessed some keychain manufacturer to say "Hey, I love sixteen candles and all their adorable 80s catch phrases, why not put that on a keychain?" (They also have a Mr. T talking keychain which I think I can live without) I really would not mind adding this to my already super loud and annoying gym bag. The other thing is a simple tote bag with New York written on the front. WRONG! The New York writing is actually pockets! Very handy dandy.

danny boy.

I can't believe I almost forgot about St. Patrick's Day this year. (It was on the 17th I know I'm a little late) I heard that in some places it was actually cancelled because for the first time in like a zillion years Easter was so early in March. I was like "What? I thought Easter was like in the middle of April, what's it doing crowding my vacation time with family obligations?" So yeah. St. Patty's day is less important than Easter and since it is in Holy Week this year it was just bumped off. And I'm not even Irish and yet I care this much about it. At least I wore green and didn't get drunk!
P.S. According to the Colbert Report, Danny Boy isn't even an Irish song. Shows what I know.

urban stuff.

So I went to Boston on Friday and we were supposed to go to the aquarium but didn't think it was worth the $20 admission. Instead we shuffled around Fannueil Hall and went in to Urban Outfitters. I bought this wee charm necklace with London charms on it but really couldn't decide between London and Paris. They also had Spain and Venice and Amsterdam. Representing the less romantic U.S. was New York, Texas, and California. They also had rad Bon Voyage necklaces that made me want to buy a bike and travel around the streets of Rome A.S.A.P. They also had a bunch of nifty Andy Warhol watches. But I liked the flowered one the best. (Bummer though, it was the most expensive)

On another urban note, Urban Dicitonary defines my hometown as "the place to die" and "hickville." Comforting.

Monday, March 17, 2008

sweet jesus.

Oh, Lordy. I could spend hours just staring and laughing at this new blog that you can look at here. Its a blog dedicated to revealing Photoshop disasters. Its almost brand new, I believe and yet I spent way too much time looking at the few posts that have already been published. Its worth while. Here are two good ones involving extra limbs.

Victoria's Secret made a big boo-boo. Who's hand is that exactly? P.S. No, its not Jessica Simpson, its Marissa Miller. And I just realized that this photo actually creeps me out. A lot.

He loves her AND her extra arm.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

bada bing.

Bada boom. I was looking through this foto decadent thing of vintage models and found a bunch of the 50's styles that reminded me of skinny jeans outfits today. They have big baggy tops and then thin little skirts. I'm amazed that they could actually walk in those.

Modern counterparts-ish:

It makes sense too. I mean you want to balance out the skinny jeans with a bigger top so it looks like you actually have clothes on. Some jeans I've seen are so skinny I swear they were painted on. Much like the guy from the Shel Silverstein poem who got his suit tattooed on.

Anyway, too tight jeans, it just looks like the legs need to break free.
Last word:
This is what I want for spring...

A sweet little frock with nautical ribbon details and a brilliant patterned trench coat. If I had the money I would most definitely pick up these ones form Caroline Herrera.

I also reeeeally like these necklines I found in a Luca Luca runway show. They remind of V for Vendetta which I haven't seen in forever. I'd never heard of them before but the hats with the dresses is smashing.

Alright, well the last thing I wanted was a sick nasty jumpsuit from the Chanel resort collection but Blogger is being stupid and won't post the pictures. So you should totally check out for the cool jumpsuits!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

rain, rain go away.

Its raining. And its finals week, that's what's keeping us from posting. And the last thing everyone here wants is miserable weather during finals week. But, hey, at least its ridding us of the ugly, brown, muddy snow on the ground.

However, I do like rain on occasion. It makes we want to wear really bright colors and dresses and sing and jump in puddles (boy, am I mature) and not the sweatpants and boring rain jackets like the other people (including myself) at my school wear when there is downpour.

I want to wear something like this:

A sick giant clear bubble umbrella is a must.

A pretty dress, perhaps?

A pair of classic Hunter wellies.

And you know what else? For spring term, I want a bike.

It doesn't have to be this one (made by Gucci) but I would really like an old looking, classic, maybe Schwinn, bike. So pretty. I just happened to like this one in particular.

And some sick shades:

Can't go wrong with Ray Bans.

If you readers want to read some funny comments, go to pretty much any post and read the comments by "natasha." They will keep you laughing for quite some time. MAKE SURE you read the one that was posted about "the golden age of couture." That one kept me laughing for a good 3 minutes.

Happy spring break. I'm off for the Southern Carribean!