Sunday, January 27, 2008

things I want.

Our school has been so nice to us and has given us a long weekend. Which actually means we get TWO days, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY as our weekend because usually we are plagued with the dreaded Saturday classes. But anyway, on this long weekend among many other things (going to a college hockey game, a sleepover, and eating too much food) I saw the movie Atonement, and my god, is that a beautiful movie. Its so good. Robbie is hot. Keira Knightley looks gorge, as usual, and there is a character with a really cool name, Briony.

Now, I won't tell you of anything in the movie, but you simply must see it.

So anyway, getting to the actual title of this blog. While watching the moment I realized I wanted two things, one of them being a tempestuous romance, and the other being a beautiful dress. The outfits in the movie were rather beautiful.

It really is such a good movie. I love wartime romance movies. They're so, well romantic. And the cast works so greatly together. Not to mention, James McAvoy is very rather hot in this movie. Too bad he is totally digging Keira Knightley.

And if I can't have one of Keira Knightley's dresses I can most certainly deal with this dress from Anthropologie which is absolutely lovely.

A while ago, I was sitting in my bedroom and I was like, you know what would be so cool? Glasses. And I realized I wanted glasses, crazy, eh? I know. But then I considered getting fake glasses. Like these ones from American Apparel.

Or these ones. No, just kidding.

But then I realized that everyone at my school knows I don't actually need glasses, so if I just came in with a fake pair, then they would know something's odd. So then I gave up on that idea. Then, a couple weeks later I went to get a physical at the doctors office and she claimed that the vision in my right eye was "stupendous" but my left eye was "atrocious." Hearing this, I covered my right eye and looked through my left only and realized I could read nothing on the posters in her office. I had never noticed before. And the vision utilizing both my eyes is rather okay. But the doctor said I actually needed glasses.

So this weekend, I went out to the eye doctor with my mum and ordered glasses. I wanted a pair of Marilyn Monroe's giant cateyed glasses from "How to Marry a Millionaire" but alas, they were none to be found.

I ended up getting ones that are similar to this.

Boring, I know, but there were really no great ones. I mean, there were like only 2 red pairs and a few purples, but nothing really exciting there.

Now, I'm off to do homework, all of which I saved for Sunday night.

golden age of couture.

So the other day I was watching Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. And I know everyone always praises Audrey for her style, but I just had ooh-and-ahh over her little black dress from the movie.

I love the shape of this dress. You can't really see it, but it has a nice full poofy skirt.  The seams in the bodice are really nice as well. It adds structure and the bows on the shoulders soften it up a little. Her hat is pretty nifty too. It's like a little crown and I'm pretty sure you could fill it with M&M's or something as snacks. Also, I think wearing gloves and "party yarmulkes" (as me and C have come to call them) should definitely come back in style. Audrey also has a great wardrobe in Funny Face. She gets turned into a high fashion model and naturally gets the best designer clothes.

I like the bell shapes of the skirts in the second and third picture. Also, I feel a deep need for a striking red dress. All this researching on Audrey reminded me of the Golden Age of Couture exhibit that I really wanted to see. It showcases beautiful dresses from the 40's to the 50's and was not in any museum near me.

Simply gorgeous.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Well, as you may or may not know, Heath Ledger died today.
C and I were very shocked, and we're still in shock because we can't believe someone like Heath Ledger (or any young person) could die. It doesn't seem quite fair. So in honor of him, I'm going to post some photos from our favorite movies of his.

10 Things I Hate About You...who could forget his adorable Frankie Valli song?

A Knight's Tale...funny and semi-educational

Brokeback Mountain...paired with Jake Gyllenhaal, this movie is sad, but good

Friday, January 18, 2008

are you hungry? you're about to be.

Found these at Candy Stripper. Its a Japanese label. Nothing gross. But, oh my god. A doughnut tree? Only in dreams does such a thing appear. And I love the hoisery on these girls. Its an absolutely awesome ad. Like, wicked awesome.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

hello, sick shoes.

Jennifer Connelly, a lovely face for the Balenciaga SS08. A nice ad with the sickest shoes ever. Hey, those spring clothes would be very well appreciated on a day as warm as today was. Whew.

Monday, January 7, 2008

updates. and excuse me, isn't it january. not april.

It's supposed to be 60 degrees out tomorrow. 60 friggin' degrees. Now, mind you we live in New England. On the coast line, and it is early January. Weird. Anway.
Recent buys of mine:

1. Finally, a pair of "Risky Business" sunglasses from I was debating between red, white and black. White were sold out and I was fond of the red, but not fond enough. So I got black. $10

2. Finally, again, a pair of pink '80's splatter sunglasses from And, yes, they do come with a braided sunglasses cord, so what? $9

3. A T-shirt "B.F.F.'s" So sick. $17

Girl crush of the moment (no, neither of us are attracted to girls): Charlotte Gainsbourg

Guy crush of the moment: John Krasinski

Teen Vogue had the most adorable Valentine's day shoot ever. My goodness the models were so adorable. Now, I wish I had a boyfriend like that. Well, how about I work on getting a boyfriend frist. That sounds good. But this had to be like, one of, if not THE most favorite photo shoot of mine. And I am smitten with jealousy over everything in it. The couple, her beauty, his looks, her clothes. Gah.

Oh goodness, I love beches. And her outfit, could you get more adorable. The headband is Bernstock Speirs and several others by the same designer are featured. They are fun and quirky hats and headbands. When I googled Bernstock Speirs, I found the website but there was no way to view the items. Bummer.

This photo is among my favorites, although the male model is jumping (which is seen now in almost every issue of Teen Vogue). The girl has another Bernstock Speris headpiece.

If I were to wear glasses, I would wear those ones. Another one of my faves. And look at him. Cutie.

This looks exactly like a place I visited in Ireland in Dingle. And the model is jumping, again.

How cute. My God. I want a boyfriend so bad right now. I'll live.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

metallic/shiny/randomly awesome stuff.

Haven't posted in a while because school just restarted and me and C have had loads of work to do among other more fun things. So Sunday, Sunday, Sunday I'm going to rant about pretty things.

This is a pretty metallic Vera Wang dress. I wasn't so sure about some pieces in this collection, but I really liked this dress with the drapey silhouette. And it looks really comfy.
These are just some sweet silver flats with a hidden wedge from Delia's. The black ribbon is super cute. In short: adorable. Also, square (ish) toe, nice.
Converse! Converse alone are some of the best sneakers out there, but when you add sequins, how could they not be better? I have some metallic silver Converse, but I have got a hankering for sequins . The only problem is sequins, in my experience, are tricky because they fall off a lot.

Some other stuff to mention is the John Gallliano spring collection I saw on I liked the carnival atmosphere and it kind of reminded me of the Notebook, which as much as I hate to admit it, is a terribly good movie even though it has one of the worst endings ever. It is up there with the old Italian Job's ending. I highly recommend both though.
So yeah, the dresses are pretty and feminine and light and they look fun to wear.

The dress below I think is from Blumarine. I liked the pattern and the color (they also had it in yellow and pink).
Okay, I did not like the Dsquared runway show very much, although I have to admit some of their outfits weren't so bad. Not only were some of the models bra-less in sheer stuff which I'm not a big fan of, some of them were holding cigarettes which was just weird.

This is a neat-o little necklace from Fred Flare. I think it should come with a little key that matches that you can give away to whomever you please. 
These are rad Risky Business sunglasses from Fred Flare as well. We have mentioned these a couple times before, but C and I will be purchasing the white and blue ones, respectively. They are wicked cheap ($10) and look bodacious so I think it will be fun to sport these at school in the spring and watch people drool over them.

This is a funny, cute tee from Threadless that is a design that has to be voted to be printed. So I hope a bunch of people say they want this shirt because I certainly do! For some reason jockeys and horse racing fascinate me. Last summer or the summer before I read Seabiscuit and saw the movie and loved them both and it really made me want a horse.

Last, but certainly not least, some sick shoes from Delia's. I think I'd like them a tad better if they had the detailing all around the edge of the shoe, but they still rock.
Last for serious, Ewan McGregor! I just watched Moulin Rouge last week and remembered how awesome he is. Enjoy!