Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lake Placid and MJ

C here, and I've returned from my extremely rainy trip from Lake Placid. I hiked, I kayaked, I gardened at my summer house with my mother, but unfortunately I did not shop. And the movie poster above, wrong Lake Placid. That shitastic movie takes place in FL, I think. If you're in for a laugh or two at bad acting and poor "special FX" and mechanical alligator, by all means watch it.

Every summer my old theatre company at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY puts on their Outdoor Shakespeare Performances, where a merry troupe of actors travels to different scenic outdoor venues and acts out a work of Sir William Shakespeare himself. This year they are doing A Midsummer Night's Dream (one of my top 3). At these plays everyone sits on the lawn on their blankets, dressed in their best dresses, and eats cheese and drinks wines and unloads their picnic baskets. I need to think of my outfit.

I was thinking a nice linen dress, with some killer forest-green oxford flats, a floppy straw sun hat and my New-Wayfarer Ray-Bans (I don't see what's so different from last year's model, so if someone would explain that, super). What do you think? Perfect for wandering the gardens of Manchester, VT's Hildene!

Oh, and I found my old picnic basket in my cellar! Its about to get stuffed full of cheese, crackers, wine, iced tea, salads, and if I can help it, some Doritos.

By the way, I keep looking at photos from Marc Jacobs' Fall 09 runway. And I can't stop. It's an 80's punk revival — complete with fluorescent colors, cardigans, foufy mohawks, and loads of makeup.

In recreating 80's fashion, "Jacobs super-sized the shoulder pads wide enough to satisfy professional football equipment regulations." Yeee, I'm so in love, I guess.

Yee-haw! Enjoy your summer, folks! I know I will!

P.S. Looking for some new music? Try DJ Moondance's The Crash Album. Its Dave Matthews mixed with Jay Z. What more could you ask for? And its free! Just Google that shiiit.

P.P.S. Looking for a killer new swimsuit? Try Trina Turk. I just got a new two-piecer from her. She's the master of florals, swirls, patterns, and designs.


terren said...

i love that outfit! it's basically all I want to wear this summer - dresses and hats and dresses

Emilie said...


Thank you for your lovely comment, I was delighted to run into you too chum.

In order to make this post-relevant, love the linen dress/basically the entire outfit, doritos are disgusting, MJ is golden, and I have yet to hear back so don't jinx my potential employment.


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