Sunday, June 28, 2009

H&M Fall/Winter '09

C here. Check out H&M's Lookbook for Fall/Winter '09. I browsed through them when they were first posted here, but merely thought, oh, those are pretty. I revisited them today and realized its quite the collection. Here are the highlights (for me, at least).

First off, everything is so beige and black, but that's OK. I like both those colors. And they're winter clothing, I can't handle too much color when its all snowy.

The first look is wicked hot. All black is sick but the sleeves, the belt, and the tights are siick to the maxx. Just about every look had a belt in it, which is usually an item I stray away from, but I'm definitely itching to try it out in the near future after seeing this collection. The second look I love the skinny trousers. Those are hot. I'm getting tired of skinny jeans. I can't believe I just said that, but I am. Plus, I mean, it takes me a while to put those suckers on, getting my calves and my thighs into them, packing everything in, making sure nothing's spilling over. Yeesh, fuck runner's-legs. But anyway, I don't know why, but I wouldn't mind squeezing into those bad boys up there. And in the third I like the crop top, if that is one (?) or it may be a tucked in shirt. Either way.

WOW. I'm going to wear my hair like that for the rest of my life. In the fourth look, the only thing I really like is the fur (let's hope it faux) tucked into the belt. In the fifth, I absolutely love chunky knits. And even though that scarf looks a bit like a neckbrace at first glance, its still impelling me to pick up my needles and yarn and start knittin' away. And in the sixth: bottoms tucked into socks/leggings? That's legit.

Seventh: more chunky knits, yesss. In the eighth, ahh, pants tucked into boots which aren't UGGS. What a beautiful sight. And in the last, its really just the head I enjoy. The big hair and the hat. Sweet.

P.S. Check out this song. Its so sick, and like trance-tastic. Plus I'm like, obsessed with Disney. Puurrr-fect.


terren said...

So cool! thanks for sharing, I hadn't seen these before. your analysis is so great and I pretty much agree with everything you said! haa - I want to wear more nude/beige next season.

Emilie said...

Bear -

I would have to say your legs are pretty jacked so kindly shut your mouth. I would gladly take a bit'o muscle to combat my unfortunate scrawniness. The term "spilling over" is hilarious but hardly applicable.

- Kat

Arielle said...

love the disney!! :D

Anonymous said...