Wednesday, July 29, 2009

time's a'wastin'

Busy busy busy! College trips and hospital stays and sunny beaches, oh my!
Summer has been lame this year. Not only did I get cheated out of a month (it rained basically ALL of June) I lost another two weeks in the hospital and then when I left the hospital, I wasn't better! And unfortunately, I am still sick. Like I said, totally lame.
It's weird. Being in a hospital has really made me consider being a doctor or a nurse. I personally would like to understand as much as possible when it comes to my malfunctioning body. However, it is frustrating when the answer just points back to the ever vague: "It's genetic." Meaning: "There is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Ever. AND you can't blame anybody or anything."
Okay, enough about that. 
As you may have read on another fabulous blog (COFFEEMILK), another blogger and I headed down to NYC last week to take in some museums. While there, we managed to find some delightful thrift stores on the Upper East Side with very reasonable prices for brand name and unique items. If you're headed that way, we visited: Goodwill, Arthritis Thrift Store, Council House Thrift, .... 
The museums were also neat-o. The Cooper-Hewitt Museum had this great exhibit on felt and its many uses. The felt also apparently has its own blog. Check it.


emily said...

aww, i'm sorry you're not feeling so well... sounds like you had a good time, though!

Organic said...

Hope you're feeling better now. Still interested in working in the medical profession?